Although the project is currently in beta status, it is quite usable and the SVN trunk is in use on a ~180-node system by the Scientific Computing Group at the Regional Computing Centre for Lower Saxony in Germany where it was initially developed.

For the most current version of the application, just check out the SVN trunk:

$ svn co pbsclusterviz/trunk

or for “bleeding edge” developments check out the branches:

$ svn co pbsclusterviz/branches


  • interactive mode: a configurable update cycle, so that the display is continually updated without having to restart the application

  • interactive mode: holding the mouse over a node shows a pop-up with the current jobs running on that node

    • this feature now works in the “interactive” SVN-branch
  • non-interactive mode: image resolution configurable from the .conf file

    • implemented in “interactive” SVN-branch
  • informational and “log” output next to or underneath the image in both interactive and non-interactive modes

  • other ideas tend to turn up in the TODO file in SVN.

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